About us

Norztrading was founded by a handful of experienced industry professionals from Scandinavia.

Our intension is offering a solid and sustainable hub in which non-professional clients could easily orient themselves in the ‘jungle’ of financial offerings available.

Norztrading is established on an entrepreneurial spirit, reflecting the culture and drive of our Nordic heritage. We aim to bring value to clients through superior competence and to be a preferred source of information for our followers.

We have an absolute commitment to integrity and quality in everything that we present. You can get in touch with us via this page.

Our Writers

Mr. Norz

Mr. Norz

Mr. Norz is a professional currency trader based in Northern Europe. He got over 10 years of experience trading derivatives, foreign exchange and cryptocurrencies.

In addition, he has worked as a broker and knows the ins and outs of the industry. Mr. Norz mainly writes about forex brokers and cryptocurrencies.



Goldstein has been in the financial industry for over 30 years. He is a high-volume trader in mainly forex and crypto derivates.

He mainly writes about the more advanced aspects of forex brokerages such as business models, regulation and how they make money.

How we review brokers and platforms

We take reviews seriously and set high standards for the brokers we review. Our experience as brokers and involvement in starting and running several brokerages, help us detect what really matters for clients.

Some of the things we target:

  • Regulation
  • Security of funds
  • Ease of withdrawal
  • Spread, commission, and “hidden costs”
  • Customer support
  • Business model(s)

How we make money

Norztrading have affiliate agreements with a handful of carefully selected brokers. These brokers are fully regulated and we have in depth tested their services over several years with considerable funds.

If you click on an affiliate link, we might get a small commission. This does not affect you in any way as you will get the exact same terms (or better) with the selected service provider as you otherwise would have.

In addition, the site also offers flat fee partnerships and display advertising plans to reputed and regulated brokers.