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Choosing The Best Forex Course

If you want to learn Forex trading there are a wide variety of Forex courses and online schools to choose from but how do you find the best?

In this article, we will look at how to find the best training with a simple checklist.

Forex Courses to Avoid

There are a large number of technical analysis courses which teach price action and pattern trading and they will all lose you money longer term why?

The fact is that any chart patterns are random in terms of their accuracy and this has been proved in numerous tests but beginners like the concept of simply spotting a pattern and making money from it alas Forex trading is not that easy.


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If you look at the courses that teach technical analysis they never present a real track record of audited gains and all the analysis is done in hindsight. Technical analysis works backwards and doesn’t work in the real world of trading.

Day Trading and Scalping Courses

These courses sell an illusion that in short-term time frames price action can be traded for profit their mostly based on technical analysis and they won’t work – price action on the lower time frames is random.

Courses Selling Forex Secrets and Order Flow Strategies

There are many training courses that tell you that you can make money with a secret the trader has discovered – the obvious question is why tell you about it?

If they really had discovered a secret that gave them an edge over other traders they wouldn’t tell you about there would be no need to.

A popular secret is the course vendor telling you they can track the order flow of major banks and hedge funds but they can’t so again avoid it.

Courses That Can Help You Make Money

In terms of courses that can help you make money, you should look for courses to help you learn fundamental and sentiment analysis. It’s the sentiment towards the fundamentals that is reflected in FX charts.

If you have a grasp of the fundamentals and sentiment then you can use very simple technical analysis to help to enter and manage your trades.

There are a couple of other criteria you should take into account…

If the course seller is confident they can make money for you they should offer you a trial period or the comfort of a money-back guarantee within a specified time period so you can see if the course lives up to your expectations.

You should also look for the trader to prove evidence that they can make money with their strategy by either an audited real track record or by giving trades for you to look at in advance so entry, stop and target.

In Conclusion

Forex online schools if you find the best can help reduce the time it takes to learn to become a profitable Forex trader but keep in mind the vast majority sold won’t but hopefully this checklist will help you find the best online Forex courses to lead you to long term FX trading success.

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