Buy Pfizer Stock

Very many professional investors have chosen to buy Pfizer shares.

Pfizer is by far the world’s largest pharmaceutical company, with annual revenues of almost USD 50 billion.

Pfizer is also among the top players in the pharmaceutical industry in terms of who is spending the most on research and development of new drugs.

Pfizer currently spends about $8 billion annually on research and development.

Historically, Pfizer has sold many types of pharmaceuticals, health products, and chemicals, but prescription drugs and vaccines currently account for most of Pfizer sales.

Among Pfizer’s best-selling drugs are the Pneumococcal vaccine Prevnar 13, the cancer drug Ibrance, the anticoagulation drug Eliquis and many more.

Pfizer sells its products globally, and the international part of the business accounts for about 50% of the revenues.

Among most people, it’s probably the drug Viagra, which Pfizer launched in 1998 that has caught the greatest attention

However, Pfizer has recently developed a vaccine against the Covid 19 virus that has now made the company more known than ever and led to an increased interest in investing in Pfizer stocks.

How to buy Pfizer shares?

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Pfizer Background

From the time Pfizer was established in 1849, it took the next 100 years for the company to start large-scale production of penicillin.

It was this production of penicillin that helped pave the way for Pfizer to develop into the pharmaceutical industry giant that it has become.

So how has Pfizer’s stock price performed?

For those who have chosen to buy Pfizer shares, Pfizer has for a long period generated quite impressive returns.

Over the past 40 years, the pharmaceutical company has given investors an average annual return of more than 14%.

However, looking at the returns for those who bought the Pfizer stock in 1997, their average return over the past 20 years has only been about 7% per year.

Pfizer’s share price has, in short, developed in several key stages;

 The company faced some challenges between 2000 and 2010, but since then Pfizer stock has rebounded sharply.

The Pfizer stock has the last 12 months as of December 20th, 2021 gained impressively 61%